Allergen Information

The Gourmet Brownie Company is committed to the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.  Both Melanie & Darren are certified in Food Hygiene and we have rigorous controls in place in both the Bakery and when we attend Foodie Events to maintain our standards.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that Allergens are strictly controlled, due to
the nature and area where we prepare our goodies, we cannot fully guarantee that all of our products are allergen-free.


Our Gluten-Free Brownies are made with Gluten-Free Flour and are made in a separate area of the bakery and made in completely separate batches to minimise any contamination.  We know that some of our customers may have questions about whether or not you can tell the difference between our 'Regular' Brownies and ones which are Gluten-Free - we promise there is no difference in taste, texture, or 'Gooeyness'.  


All of our 'Regular' Brownies are made with Wheat Flour (Gluten)

All of our 'Regular' and GF Brownies contain Butter (Milk/Lactose) and Milk Chocolate (Milk/Lactose).  

All of our 'Regular' and GF Brownies Contain Eggs.

Where specified, the description of the Brownie will tell customers which Brownies contain Nuts and/or Peanut.

Due to the nature of the way our Brownies are made, there may be trace elements of SOY, NUT, PEANUT, SULPHUR DIOXIDE/SULPHATES (found in some dried fruit and preserves)


For further information about allergens in our goodies or if you have any specific concerns, please contact us directly before ordering from us.  Deliveries will have a label inside the packaging specifying which Allergens may be present in our Brownies.